Visiting the Uganda Wildlife Education and Conservation Centre(UWEC)

When I visited this centre,The Uganda Wildlife Education and Conservation Centre(UWEC),I did not know how much beauty was contained there.

The Uganda Wildlife Education and Conservation Centre (UWEC)

The serene entrance gave me, however ,a realisation of what was awaiting for me to see.

There was also alot for me to learn about how different species of animals which included zebras,chimpazzes,Ostriches,buffalos,antelopes ,lots of bird species to mention but a few.

Male Ostrich at UWEC

Watching the way these wild animals lived,behaved have and conduct themselves was all worth it,more like surprisingly interesting.

Zebras grazing at UWEC

This was really interesting and pretty fun to watch.The more I explored around,the more I didn’t want to live this conservation centre.

A female Ostrich at UWEC

This time I spent there had alot to offer to me as far as animals are concerned ,and my life changed alot due to this experience.Here are some more beautiful moments;

Indeed …”Not all that wander are lost “….. 🙂

All photography was taken by © 256millenialwanderer


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