Hiking Chronicles…

This is a way I seek and find exactly what I am searching for.

Since I started hiking two years ago ,I have developed a sense of belonging in such a way that I feel so ease with myself and everything around me when am heading uphill.Wakiso district

This has helped me deal with lots of the rollercoaster events that i get to meet in my day to day life as well as understand and learn alot about the universe.Wakiso district,Uganda

It’s also a big spiritual awakening medium to me in form of meditation as well as a way that keeps me healthy and fit..and there’s that sense of ‘Wow!I can do anything!!’ that I usually echoes in my head when I turn around ,getting that sight of the beautiful and spectacular view when i reach the top of the hill.Wakiso district,Uganda

So far,honestly ,hiking has become my favourite activity ,when it comes to being in line with who I truly are…...And ..I would however love to know….”Do you love hiking too?” 😃All photography taken in Uganda by ©256millenialwanderer


Visiting the Uganda Museum

The Uganda National Museum,located in the capital of Uganda ,Kampala, is not only a home to lots of cultural and historic heritage of the ways of life of the Ugandan people, but also a beautiful and relaxing calm place.

This place had alot to educate me with, leaving me feeling so content ,in relation to the history and evolution of Uganda from as early as the stone age.

Everything I saw was an eye opener;..

..Amean getting to see the beautiful features of the different historic times of the Ugandan people for example in terms of music ,dress code and cultural beliefs and ways of life of the different tribes of the people of Uganda was so fascinating and ..wow!

It left me feeling like ,”I don’t want to leave this place”…because everything was just soo beautiful ,educative and eye catching,which got me actually appreciating more of my roots.

..But as the saying goes; ….”Things come to an end but memories last forever .”…

All photography was taken by ©256millenialwanderer

Exploring…What is Exploring?

Letting yourself go and putting yourself out there to see what the world has got to offer in terms of physical nature features, infrastructure, meeting different types of people and learning about their cultures and customs ,going into the wild to interact with different types of animals is what exploring is all about to me.Sometimes it’s even starting my day watching the sunrise;

Wakiso district, Uganda

… or silently watching the waves by the lake side.It could even be hearing the roars of the wind amongst the trees.

It can even be visiting the beach.

WhiteSands beach ,Uganda

As I continue to discover earth and live through this rollercoaster called life, everyday,….

I honestly believe…that…”Without exploring, life is incomplete!”

All photography was taken by ©256millenialwanderer

Sunrise and Sunset

There’s a magical feeling that comes with watching the sun rising and a similar feeling that I usually feel as I watch the sun set.It usually comes with usually acceptance, a certain level of meditative consciousness and a degree of calmness that I never experience at other times of the day.This feeling leads me to capturing these beautiful moments each time a page turns.Each sunrise and sunset to me has toe a story to tell about a life aspect.As I share my different sun rise and sunset escapades,I wonder if sometimes if how I perceive this beautiful light and energy source is the same way others out there do;This is however getting me asking,do you love the sun?All photography was taken in different parts of Uganda by © 256millenialwanderer

Visiting the Uganda Wildlife Education and Conservation Centre(UWEC)

When I visited this centre,The Uganda Wildlife Education and Conservation Centre(UWEC),I did not know how much beauty was contained there.

The Uganda Wildlife Education and Conservation Centre (UWEC)

The serene entrance gave me, however ,a realisation of what was awaiting for me to see.

There was also alot for me to learn about how different species of animals which included zebras,chimpazzes,Ostriches,buffalos,antelopes ,lots of bird species to mention but a few.

Male Ostrich at UWEC

Watching the way these wild animals lived,behaved have and conduct themselves was all worth it,more like surprisingly interesting.

Zebras grazing at UWEC

This was really interesting and pretty fun to watch.The more I explored around,the more I didn’t want to live this conservation centre.

A female Ostrich at UWEC

This time I spent there had alot to offer to me as far as animals are concerned ,and my life changed alot due to this experience.Here are some more beautiful moments;

Indeed …”Not all that wander are lost “….. 🙂

All photography was taken by © 256millenialwanderer