Hiking Chronicles…

This is a way I seek and find exactly what I am searching for.

Since I started hiking two years ago ,I have developed a sense of belonging in such a way that I feel so ease with myself and everything around me when am heading uphill.Wakiso district

This has helped me deal with lots of the rollercoaster events that i get to meet in my day to day life as well as understand and learn alot about the universe.Wakiso district,Uganda

It’s also a big spiritual awakening medium to me in form of meditation as well as a way that keeps me healthy and fit..and there’s that sense of ‘Wow!I can do anything!!’ that I usually echoes in my head when I turn around ,getting that sight of the beautiful and spectacular view when i reach the top of the hill.Wakiso district,Uganda

So far,honestly ,hiking has become my favourite activity ,when it comes to being in line with who I truly are…...And ..I would however love to know….”Do you love hiking too?” 😃All photography taken in Uganda by ©256millenialwanderer


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