Visiting the Uganda Museum

The Uganda National Museum,located in the capital of Uganda ,Kampala, is not only a home to lots of cultural and historic heritage of the ways of life of the Ugandan people, but also a beautiful and relaxing calm place.

This place had alot to educate me with, leaving me feeling so content ,in relation to the history and evolution of Uganda from as early as the stone age.

Everything I saw was an eye opener;..

..Amean getting to see the beautiful features of the different historic times of the Ugandan people for example in terms of music ,dress code and cultural beliefs and ways of life of the different tribes of the people of Uganda was so fascinating and!

It left me feeling like ,”I don’t want to leave this place”…because everything was just soo beautiful ,educative and eye catching,which got me actually appreciating more of my roots.

..But as the saying goes; ….”Things come to an end but memories last forever .”…

All photography was taken by ©256millenialwanderer


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